Best Brushes for Poodles

So, as you probably already know, your poodle’s fur needs a lot of upkeep and attention to keep it clean and tangle-free!

Poodles have a single layer or curly, waterproof, thick hair- similar to that of a human. This coat does not shed much but because the curls are prone to getting pretty knotted and tangled if left to its own devices.

If a poodle is not groomed regularly their fur can get matted to the point where the area will need shaving! This is because once these matted clumps form, there is no amount of brushing or conditioning that will loosen the matted fur.

So, to stop this from happening you need to brush your poodle’s hair regularly, even between grooming appointments. Extra work I know- but worth the effort!

If you have your poodle’s fur cut shorter, you will not need to do this as often. However, if you have your poodle’s fur cut in a longer style, you will need to brush your poodle’s fur daily. Otherwise, you’ll risk some seriously matted clumps forming and they may get so bad patches of your poodle will need shaving.

Like humans, there are lots of different brushes that do different things. So I will aim to explain the different kinds of brushes and what they do, before recommending the best ones of each type you can buy to help keep your pooch’s coat in tip-top condition.

Types of Brushes and Recommendations

Curved slicker brush. This is a good brush for short hair, it’s thin wire bristles are good for giving poodle hair that fluffy look, as well as getting rid of small tangles and knots in the coat. This is good for puppies and poodles whose skin is sensitive, as most of these brushes have a rounded tip at the end of each bristle to prevent scratching. 

As the wires on this type of brush are fine, you’ll need to buy a good quality one, otherwise, the bristles will bend. YOu will want a different size of this brush depending on the size of your poodle. 

For Toy poodles and puppies this brush from Groom Professionals a good option, as it is small, gentle and will help your puppy get used to being brushed regularly as it will not cause pain or discomfort.

For a Minature poodle this brush made by Rosewood Salon would be a good option as it is larger with a study handle

This brush, also by Groom Professionals would be a good option for a Standard poodle as it is large enough to brush the coat quickly, without your poodle getting bored or agitated

Pin Brush: The pin brush looks similar to a human brush and is a good way to get rid of matting. It has plastic tipped wired to separate your poodle’s fur and remove stuck-on mud and dirt. The pin brush needs to be strong so it does not snag or bend when brushing your poodle.

This Chris Christensen Oval Pin Brush is a very good quality option, and my favorite brush to use. It has softly rounded tips on the end of the pins to protect your poodle’s skin. This brush lasts a long time and is far superior to cheaper models on the market

This Mars  pin brush is also a good option, and a bit cheaper. However, it may be better suited to those poodles with a shorter hair cut, as it is a slightly smaller size.

Two-sided steel comb this is an important tool to have, as it is used to brush a poodle’s shorted face fur. It’s main use though, is actually to help you feel where the matted clumps of fur and tangles are in your poodle’s fur. Often, a poodle’s fur will have lots of matts and tangles, but you will not be able to see or feel where they are. This comb will show you where they are so you can work on detangling them.

This Hertzko comb is a great option as it is durable and does not irritate poodle skin

De-matting comb. These combs are great for nipping and stubborn matts and tangles in the bud, before they grow to the point your poodle will need to be shaved!

This Hertzko matt removing comb is popular with cat and dog owners alike, but if used regularly can save your poodle from getting seriously matted!

It is gentle on the skin and can deal with some pretty stubborn tangles and matts, though it does require a bit of patience and a poodle who is comfortable being groomed strongly.

That’s the main types of hairbrush you will need for your poodle to keep their coat in tip-top tangle free condition!

When brushing always be very gentle with your poodle and do not pull on the skin when brushing. Pulling too hard could hurt your poodle which is the last thing you want!