Best Poodle Clippers

So, you’ve decided the time has come to attempt to trim your poodle yourself and you’re after a set of clippers…but with so many options to choose from, how do you know which ones are best to give your poodle a good cut? I’ve researched and tried out different clipper sets and have brought you the best ones at different price points and for different uses.

Poodles’ coats do not shed like other dogs and their fur is thought to be more similar to human hair in the way that it grows and needs to be cut, instead of falling out once it gets to a certain length.

While these qualities are what gives a poodle their distinctive look, it does take some upkeep! Most poodle owners choose to get their poodle professionally groomed, where the groomer will wash the poodle, dry and clip the fur and trim the claws. However, this can be expensive and time consuming, especially if your groomer is based far from where you live. 

So, some poodle owners like to clip their poodle’s fur themselves. This is something I have also done, as due to the Covid-19 lockdown, I have been unable to take my pet Billie poodle to the groomers like normal.

So, I have tried out a couple of clipper brands and asked fellow poodle owners about the different clippers they have used while giving their poodles home haircuts!

When using the clippers, as a novice, I was trying to just give a tidy up, rather than a fancier trim. If you feel confident you could try and do a more show-style cut- but be warned, this is harder than it looks and dog groomers undergo a lot of training and experience before they administer these tricky cuts!

If you’re after a lion or continental cut, you need to see a groomer really. However,  the summer cut, puppy cut,  Dutch cut, sporting cut, kennel cut and retriever cut can be done at home, with a little practice and know how. 

My favorite dog clippers

So, I don’t have hundreds to spend on clippers, so for me this is the set I would recommend to others in a similar situation.

These are a great all-round dog clipping starter kit. It comes with lots of different attachments and some basic brushes, so you don’t need to order loads of items separately. 

My main criticism of this set is that I did not think the included comb or nail file are very good. You can certainly get a much better set of clippers, but not under $60.

If money is no object

If you’re willing to spend a little more on clippers, then these professional standard clippers are the ones I would recommend. They can cut effectively through thick and curly hair, and are popular with dog and horse owners alike!

Starter kit on a budget are the Ceenwes pet clippers. 

Alternatively, Wahls do a decent enough clipper set for under $40, but as this is cordless meaning the battery can run out mid-cut and is louder than other models, meaning you need your poodle to be comfortable with loud noises to use these clippers.

What to look for when buying clippers…

There are a few things to think about when buying some clippers before you decide. The amount o choice available can be overwhelming, but these are the main things you need to think about in terms of what will suit you, your poodle, and your lifestyle best.

Single or Multi Speed?

So, you need to decide which is better for your poodle. There are so many different types of clippers,that making a decision can be daunting!

I have found that a single-speed clipper is more than capable of doing the job a touch-up and tidy, but as poodle fur tends to be quite thick and you need the option of increasing the speed to cut through the curly fur if you intend to do a full cut. 

 Adjustable or Detachable blades- which one is best for you?

Adjustable blades allow you to make certain areas of fur longer than others- perfect if you want your poodle to have short paws and face but long hair on the body. The downside of these blades is they tend to wear out quicker. However, if you are happy for your poodle’s fur to be uniform length or willing to splash out on different blades for different lengths, then detachable blades are better as they will last longer and are better quality. 

Corded or cordless?

While there are some good battery powered clippers, there is always the risk that they will run out of battery mid cut. That said, most professional dog groomers use good quality cordless clippers, to give better freedom of movement as this means they can access the poodle in many different angles and give a better cut. Also, a lot of poodle owners like to groom their dogs outside, and using cord clippers outside may be difficult without an electricity outlet. 

However, a difficulty with cordless clippers is that as the battery dies so does the power of the clippers, and if clippers are not running full power it may mean that they snag in your poodle’s fur, causing discomfort and tangles. So in short, if you’re gunna go cordless, you should buy a better quality model and not the super cheap option, such as these ones for $80.

If you’re after clippers on a budget I would always recommend corded clippers, so they will not putter out and die mid cut. 

How much should you spend?

There is a lot of variation between price points for dog grooming clippers. You can get a set for around $30 here. All the way up to around $200 for a premium kit here!

I personally would recommend something in the mid-price range, as the very cheap set does not have as good battery life and is not as powerful.  Good mid-price options are these or these

Basic clippers:

Do I need extras?

If you’ve bought expensive blades and clippers you want to make sure they last and don’t go dull quickly. To care for your clippers, I’d recommend using clipper oil too. Whals do a good oil that will help protect your clippers from rusting and keep them running smoothly.